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General Questions: User Mgmt, Subscribe, Email Template, API

Question asked by justsalad on Feb 16, 2009

I am new to Alfresco and have couple questions that I cannot find on the offical homepage.  Could you please kindly help?  :oops:

1 ) User Management - Can Alfresco import the client information from another CRM system so that we do not have to enroll old users again?
2 ) Subscription - Does Alfresco support subsciption management (i.e. allow email delivery of report of particular category at scheduled times)?
3 ) Emailing - In addition to email document as attachment, can it support HTML formatted email so it include a summary of the document in addition to the attachement / URL link?
4 ) Emailing - Is the emailing mechanism "blackberry" friendly? (I only found article about I-Phone)
5 ) Metadata tags - How flexible is Alfresco to create new metadata tags to a document?
6 ) Metadata tags - Is it possible to reuse metadata based on some other parameters.  Can it recognise that certain user will upload document related to certain subject (e.g.sports columnist only wrote for the sports category, not wedding section)
7 ) API - Is there an API available to pass in parameters for document search?
8 ) API - Is there an API available to format output look-and-feel of search results (e.g. display only 20 items per page, based on search score, etc)
9 ) API - Is there an API available for document upload?
10 ) Uploading - Does Alfresco support multi-file uploading using the same meta-data

Many thanks in advance for your help  :)