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FTP access problem, Read-only Session

Question asked by haevele on Feb 17, 2009
Hi everybody,

I have the following problem and cant find a solution: I have an Alfresco 2.1 distribution installed on Debian Etch. Authentication is configured through OpenLDAP. CIFS and Web-UI are working, only when I try to access through FTP, I get the followng message:

18:26:02,322 DEBUG [org.alfresco.ftp.protocol] FTP session request received from
18:26:02,590 DEBUG [org.alfresco.ftp.protocol] org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: Write operations are not allowed in read-only mode (FlushMode.NEVER/MANUAL): Turn your Session into FlushMode.COMMIT/AUTO or remove 'readOnly' marker from transaction definition.

FTP Server Configuration in file-server.xml –> FTP Server set to "enable" , authentication set to "alfresco", nothing else.
May you have a hint for me, where the problem lies between the FTP request and the Spring transaction error.

Thanks in advance, haevele