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Question asked by claudius on Nov 9, 2007
i just finished to install the german language pack for Alfresco. My question:
We have two different config-custom files.
One was the original .xml.sample, the other one was config-sabidu.xml
This is our custom(sabidu), weve had created. We copied the files, then checked the config-custom(sabidu) for the languages (all were in) and then let it run. It did not work out, but after i have changed the .unicode.sample.xml in just xml, it worked out fine.
So, my question:
Where is Alfresco taking the Information from, to which config-custom.xml its going to relate? We have, as I said, two or three different config-custom.xml, but it only worked out after i changed the unicode.sample.xml in just .xml.
So now he´s relating to that one, for sure, but why ONLY on this one?
Thanks for replies..nice weekend every body.