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Advanced wf: Only view task appearing on Manage [SOLVED]

Question asked by jimcornmell on Nov 9, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2007 by jimcornmell
Hi All,

I have defined an advanced workflow (see below).  When I select "Start Advanced Workflow" and assign it to someone that person (if if its the same user) only has the "View Content Properties".  And no other icons (and hence Abilities).  I'm guessing its either a Roles or workflow issue, but the all I do to the job is assign it to the same use and make sure they are a Coordinator.

Many thanks in advance.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<process-definition xmlns="" name="mywf:my_digitalpostbox_workflow">

  <swimlane name="initiator"/>

  <start-state name="Start">
    <task name="mywf:AllocateToStudioTask" swimlane="initiator"/>
      <transition name="Send to Waiting For Artist" to="Waiting For Artist"></transition>

  <swimlane name="artist">
      <assignment actor-id="#{['cm:userName']}"/>
  <task-node name="Waiting For Artist">
    <task name="mywf:waitingForArtistTask" swimlane="artist"/>
      <transition name="Send to Artist for Creation" to="Create"></transition>
  <task-node name="Create">
    <task name="mywf:createTask" swimlane="initiator"/>
      <transition name="Send to Wait For Reader" to="Waiting For Reader"></transition>
  <swimlane name="reader"/>

  <task-node name="Waiting For Reader">
    <task name="mywf:createTask" swimlane="reader"/>
      <transition name="Send to Reader" to="Reading"></transition>

  <task-node name="Reading">
    <task name="mywf:createTask" swimlane="reader"/>
      <transition name="Send to Approved" to="Approved"></transition>
      <transition name="Send to Artist for Amend" to="Amend"></transition>

   <task-node name="Amend">
    <task name="mywf:amendTask" swimlane="artist"/>
      <transition name="Return to Reader" to="Reading"></transition>
  <end-state name="Approved"/>

  <event type="process-end">
     <action class="org.alfresco.repo.workflow.jbpm.AlfrescoJavaScript">
           if (logger.isLoggingEnabled())
              logger.log("End of process.  Cancelled: " + cancelled);