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Alfresco and Eclipse

Question asked by rhelsen49 on Feb 17, 2009
I have checked out the repository code and can build Alfresco Labs3.0 via the command-line.
I am now trying to import the projects into eclipse. I am using Eclipse 3.2 and have followed all the instructions as far as setting up my environment for Eclipse from the Wiki page and have imported the projects into Eclipse. However, I am getting build path errors from within eclipse for the SDK AlfrescoEmbedded project (which was imported). The .classpath file build path for the dependent jars for that project and  located in Alfresco\HEAD\root\projects\sdk\sdk-projects\server has all the dependency entries but cannot find the jar files on the classpath. Many of the paths contain a /dependencies subfolder which I do not see in the project tree. Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated.