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How to search using Lucene then get its nodeRef

Question asked by pamela on Feb 18, 2009
what im trying to do is to write a query using lucene, then try to get its nodeRef, but i can't seem to make it work.
i uploaded the file inside the company home (app:company_home), and my file's name is generated by timestamp :

String name = "RequestMembership (" + System.currentTimeMillis() + ")";
RequestImage.setChildName("cm:" + name);

i have seen an example on how to query then get its nodeRef after, but i dont know how i can put in here:

ResultSet resultSet = searchService.query(storeRef, SearchService.LANGUAGE_LUCENE, "HERE"");
NodeRef companyHome = resultSet.getNodeRef(0);

(the path plus the name of my image..)