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Changing the explorer to HTTP Basic Auth

Question asked by alr on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by alr

in order to support some sort of single sign on concept (our own, where the login is done at the "/" URL of an apache using mod_proxy, and after that every URL like /mail, /news, /cms is forwarded from the apache to another application which uses HTTP authentication - so authentication must only be done once) I would like to be login in the alfresco explorer (and any other JSF component) via HTTP Basic Auth. Is it possible to replace the internal used login process via web form? If so, is there any documentation I could take a look at?

Many thanks, I haven't found something valuable yet (or did look in a wrong way). A peek in the "Alfresco Developer Guide" didn't help either, so this might be really a problem? ;-)

Regards, Alexander