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Content model approach

Question asked by alexv on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2009 by rv.a.sharma

There is Java Domain model, which consists of several independent components, composed of several nested objects (not just properties of primitive types). What I need, is to store it in Alfresco in
1) the most appropriate and efficient way (performance matters);
2) content could be easily maintained;
3) search can be done by any property of any object.

I have to approaches:

1. Create new content type per each object in Domain model, where metadata will contain all objects' data, which can be potentially used for search.
It is easy to perform indexed search. (3 is ok)
Versioning becomes unobvious thing, since all objects of the component should be versioned synchronously. (1 and 2 is not ok)

2. Store all the content in XML, with separate XML per each independent component.
No need to create new vast content alfresco data model. Easy versioning as a result. (1 and 2 ok)
Content is not so applicable for indexed search as metadata is. (3 is doubtful)

Personally I tend to use Approach #2.

So here us the question:
Is it possible to store content in XML, but make a flexible search within content (e.g. xpath) and extract the part of data on demand?

Appreciate any thoughts and ideas about this.

Thanks for help,