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Problems using CIFS

Question asked by aphrel on Feb 18, 2009
i use Alfresco 3 version 3.0.0 (Stable 1526) on Vista 32bit SP1 and i'm trying to use CIFS.

I read a lot of posts of people that have some issue about connection and authentication but for me all of these things work fine.

The only problem i got occurs when i try to create a folder: when i create a folder, i don't see any changes in the window. If i manually perform a refresh, i can see that there are two new folder, instead of one that i have created.
If i create a file, instead, all works fine: one new file appears immediatly and i can change his name.

I can't understand why i have to refresh to see the new folder and why if i create one folder, the system creates two folders!

Can anyone help me?

Thanks :)