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Alfresco and Liferay on top the same AS [ JBoss 4.2. GA ]

Question asked by federico.tesei on Nov 13, 2007
Hi to all,
I' m trying to set up Liferay 4.3.3 and Alfrsco 2.0 on top of a single Jboss 4.2. GA instance.
The question is. Is it a viable solution or I need a dedicated instance fore each ?.
It seem to me  that both LIferay and Alfresco installation  are quite 'invasive' on Jboss base installation tree.
For instance Liferay installation needs to move remove jars from Jboss base installation tree as Alfresco needs to modify properties file of Jboss base installation tree.
I mean does exist a side effect by installing  Liferay and Alfersco both on top of the same Jboss stack  ?

Does hava anybody a succesful experience on thi sscenario ?

Thanks to all