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Error in the Getting Started guide

Question asked by mythobeast on Nov 13, 2007
I'd love to tell you which version of the guide I'm talking about, but there's no publication date or version number in the opening pages.  I guess it's the most recent because I downloaded it from your site some time in the last month.

On page 83 of the document (which Acrobat Reader tells me is the 89th page overall), in the section "Creating new web content: press releases", the instructions do not include a description of how to fill out the Title, Abstract, Location, or Body elements.  Attempting to click Next without filling these out results in an error message saying that these are required elements.

Could you fix this for the next version?  Could you add versioning so we don't have to look at the file date (which might not be accurate) in order to determine if we're looking at the most recent version?  Could you create a space on your user wiki where the users can discuss and add their own suggestions to this so we can inform each other of these problems while you're getting around to putting out another version?