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Question asked by hbf on Nov 13, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2007 by andy

Does Alfresco's content model support the notion of "related categories"? In my application, many synonyms (=related categories) exist for the same category and I'd like to model this.

If there is no such notion (yet), how would I best model synoyms? I first thought I could subtype d:category but this is a basic type and (probably?) not subtypable.

So maybe I just add a new container at the "system level" that contains as its children instances of type "synonymlist", say. The type synonymlist represents the list of synonyms for a particular category and contains a list of strings that are the synonyms:

  <type name="my:synonymlist">
   <title>List of synonyms of a category</title>
   <parent>cm:content</parent> <!– to be editable in Web Client –>
    <property name="my:category">
    <property name="my:synonyms">

Or is there a different approach that maybe integrates more easily with the Web Client?