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workflow - naming tasks inquiry

Question asked by tsgpartner_mui on Nov 13, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by tsgpartner_mui
Hi all,

I created a custom workflow that doesnt allow a user to assign a task to another user/group to review/approve content because it is hard coded into the my custom process definition. 

What I have done: I hard coded a group for a reviewed-pooled type of workflow.  Using the wf:submitGroupReviewTask, I had commented out the show-association line and in the workflowModel.xml, I commented out the mandatory aspect of groupAssignee. 

What is the issue: My custom workflow works perfectly.  But the other default workflows that Alfresco comes with, do not work anymore.  And I want both my custom and default workflows to work (these default workflows allows a user to assign tasks to others, and since i commented out these lines, these workflows do not have that option anymore.

The cause: Since I'm using the same name for the wf tasks, its going to affect other workflows that refer to this specific task.

I've tried to rename it like wf:testSubmitGroupReviewTask, but it just keeps getting complex because I would have to rename many other wf tasks, their parents, and then to renaming bpm model tasks.   

Is this the way to go? How should I handle this situation??

any insight would be great