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Question asked by paul_r_jacobs on Nov 13, 2007
I would like to create a custom authentication mechanism for Alfresco.

I've pulled the source and can compile and run Alfresco.  As an aside, a tutorial for this would be very helpful, along the lines of the Liferay tutorial that shows how to build Liferay.

I've got a series of probes that give me a sense for the authentication flows.  Eventually, it disappears inside the acegi provider manager stuff.  My idea was to simply follow things until I got to the lowest level of authentication and then just write around that.  That will be made more difficult by the fact that I'll have to recreate the acegi lib each time.

I'm presuming that is why one of the engineers here said that its better to use an authentication filter and simply disable normal authentication.

Do I have that right?  Is there a document somewhere that gives me a better sense for how to go about customizing authentication?

Any general input happily accepted….