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Choose workflow during submit in WCM

Question asked by boneill on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2009 by cheffilet
Hi all,

We have one web project with webforms that are shared by two different departments.  Depending on which department the initiator of the workflow is in we want to run different workflows so that the content can be reviewed by a different group of users.

There are a number of different options for providing this functionaly:

1) If a user submits content then they should be able to select the workflow to use.  We would have two workflows, one for marketing and one for aftersales.  This is simiar to Workflow in document management where users pick the workflow they want prior to starting the workflow.  Problem with this is that it only appears that you can have one workflow per webform.  Has anyone tried this, is it possible.

2) A user submits content and the start task gives them the option of either doing a marketing or aftersales review.  This would use one workflow where a decision node would be used to route to the correct group for review based on the initiators choice.  My question on this one is how do you present a choice {marketing, aftersales} to the user on the Submit Items dialogue.  I dont want to hide it behind the Configure Workflow button.

3) Other option is user submits content and  decision node determines if they are a member of the marketing group and routes to marketing for review if a marketing memeber and aftersales if an aftersales member.  Has anyone any example code on how to determine in a wf if a user is a member of a group.

Can anyone comment on which option is the best or if anyone else has a better option please advise.

Many thanks.