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Date problem - dates displayed one day out

Question asked by kumbach on Nov 13, 2007
I have a document aspect that includes a birth date of type d:date. The birth date property gets populated by a web service program. This is all working fine and dandy.

However, when I view the document properties in the web client, the birth date is always one day out!

I believe this is a timezone issue. If I store a birthdate that includes the time of 12:00, the date appears correctly when I view the details because my timezone of -7GMT doesn't cause the value to be rolled back a day.

Is there a way to NOT display a date propery in the current time zone but exactly as it was entered?

The obvious solution is to not store the birth date as a date but as a string. But this takes away the dropdown editing of a birth date using the web client.

Any ideas?