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Using Office over WebDAV & read-only access

Question asked by rogier.oudshoorn on Feb 19, 2009
When MS Office opens a document over WebDAV, it will do a PROPFIND, a LOCK and a GET request. However, when given user doesn't have write access, the LOCK will throw an "Access is denied" error (obviously). The result is that Office will know the document is read-only.

So far, all's brilliant. My problem is that Alfresco will log these occurences as errors. In my current situation, this will happen quite a lot and we don't want this o clutter the logfiles. We also don't want to turn the entire logger off because there may be actual errors we're missing.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this (other then building a custom Alfresco with this specific log statements running under "INFO")?