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Need help integrating Web Services + .NET

Question asked by russtrotter on Nov 14, 2007
Hey Folks, I'm really having a problem (mental block?) as to how to retrieve content from my alfresco installation from a .NET web application.  I'm trying to access content in my Alfresco web project from pages.

I get all the plumbing setup ok:

* generate the C# interfaces via WSDL, that all works
* I can succesfully use the authentication service to get a "ticket"

However, my problem arises when i just want to get at content in my web project.  I'm expecting some kind of process where i can request a path or identifier or *something* that allows me to get at object in there, but i have no idea what to look for in documentation.

For example, let's just say i have a web form for that web project called "Bio" which generates a file called "bio.xml" as web content.   What steps would I need to do get at the "bio.xml" data that's in my repository?

any pointers, or just pointing me to a clue I would gladly take and I can thus stop pulling all my hair out!