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Get the Content from an Image File

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2009 by jlabuelo
Good afternoon all

We are trying to get the Image from a content node we have in the alfresco repository. Lets say that we have a jpg file saved in our repository, so we need to get the image of that file and use it to create a new jpg file adding some other strings.

Basically the first error we find is that we are not able to obtain the Image from the existing jpg file:

Node Documento_Aux =  this.browseBean.getDocument();
File imagen_Original= null;

Our understanding is that the getContent() method should create a new file "Imagen_Original" with the image of the jpg node….however when we try to run it fails:
A system error happened during the operation: null

Any ideas of what we are doing wrong… or howwe can get the image of the jpg file in the repository as a Java Image Object??

Thanks a lot in advance