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E-Mail integration in Alfresco - 2 questions

Question asked by jaksa on Nov 15, 2007

1. I have problem installing Email listener in Alfresco 2.1 Tomcat.

I manage to install emaillistener.amp in alfresco.war.
After installing it i tried to find emaillistener-extension-context.xml as it described in readme file. But i couldn't find it.

I see "Add e-maillistener aspect" in Alfresco and i add it in one space. But no mails are collected.

At console i recieve following error:

15:19:52,883 ERROR [*.vardar.alfresco.extension.emaillistener.model.EmailListenersQuartzJob] class java.lang.NullPointerException—null

2. I tried to install Rivet logic Outlook Add-in for E-mail Records Management.
I have problem defining right path to EmailRoot. I am not sure what is right syntax for it. I have localized names of spaces, not in English.
I tried but with no success. Maybe it is problem in authetication configuration. I use SSO with passthru to AD, which works well with web-client and office2003 plugin.

Hope someone can help me on these issues?

Thanx in advance,