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Searching 1-2-3

Question asked by on Nov 15, 2007
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I am trying to figure out how to use searching, and/or configure how search behaves, and am not sure that I understand it.

I'm not sure how to put this clearly…

Basically, Alfresco says it has a search engine that works like internet search engines, but it has an implied OR, instead of an implied AND, between terms, and this causes confusing and unexpected behaviour. Where people would expect a more detailed query to get more focused results, and far fewer of them, this behavior causes a more detailed query to get less focused results, and far more of them.

At present the search, AFAICT, acts like there is an OR between each search term, which is contrary to my (and, I believe, some end users') expectations: Google has taught us to use words to make a specific search, with more terms for a more specific search rather than a more expansive one, and if there are only a few pages that deal with London restaurants, expect to see the few pages that deal with 'London restaurants', not a larger number of pages than would occur either in a search for 'London' or a search for 'restaurants', and most of which are irrelevant by discussing London without reference to restaurants, or discussing restaurants without reference to London. On the web, the first search engine results page for 'London OR restaurants' will probably get decent results if you want a London restaurant, but when that query is matched against someone's content management system, you're more likely to get items (only relevant to part of your query) more quickly.

Is there a way to configure Google-like behaviour, at least to the point of having an implied AND joining search terms if not otherwise specified, and allowing Boolean use of 'AND', 'OR', 'NOT', '(', and ')'?