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Cancel check out using original document node reference

Question asked by punit.oza on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2009 by lista
Hello everyone,

I want to perform cancelcheckout of a document in my application. But for that as I understand we need the working copy reference of the original document. But my application first searches the documents using repository service. In the search results we do not get the working copy reference from QueryResult object.

So how can I get the working copy reference using any of the web services considering that the only input I have is original node reference/id.

In the below post,     it is mentioned that we can manage to get the working copy ref using uuid. But how did you manage to get the uuid of the working copy ?.

Actually as per my understanding when we do a check out, in the CheckOutResult object we receive references to working copy. But not at the time of querying a node.

Any help would be highly appreciated.