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Script execution on startup [SOLVED]

Question asked by steventux on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2009 by steventux

I'm seeing a large amount of DEBUG logging statements on startup coming from  scripts.servlet.BasicHttpAuthenticatorFactory$BasicHttpAuthenticator.
12:28:29,696 User:admin DEBUG [scripts.servlet.BasicHttpAuthenticatorFactory$BasicHttpAuthenticator] HTTP Authorization provided: true
12:28:29,696 User:admin DEBUG [scripts.servlet.BasicHttpAuthenticatorFactory$BasicHttpAuthenticator] URL ticket provided: false
12:28:29,696 User:admin DEBUG [scripts.servlet.BasicHttpAuthenticatorFactory$BasicHttpAuthenticator] Authenticating (BASIC HTTP) user admin
12:28:29,703 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] Begin transaction: required
12:28:29,790 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] End transaction: required
12:28:29,792 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] Authentication reset: authenticated as admin
12:28:29,891 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] Current authentication: authenticated as admin
12:28:29,891 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] Authentication required: admin
12:28:29,891 User:admin DEBUG [web.scripts.RepositoryContainer] Guest login requested: false

Is there a scheduled web script execution job run by Alfresco? (I'm using Labs 3b). I see these DEBUG messages periodically too outside of me actually executing any web scripts and it *seems* like a large proportion if not all configured web scripts are being executed. Is this expected behaviour or should I be worried?