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Is there ANY way to connect from remote web-app to Alfresco?

Question asked by wciesiel on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2007 by wciesiel
Hi all,

As in the topic: is there any valid, feasible and production-grade method of accessing content stored in Alfresco from remote web-app (might be a webapp deployed onto the same application server where Alfresco sits)? I need to create fairly simple web-application using content from Alfresco (but WCM is not an option here).

If there is such a way - can anybody give me a step by step instructions how to achieve such connectivity (or point me to decent tutorial on WIKI or this forum)? How to obtain/build connectivity jars ?

I someone could send some sample application (or application stub) connecting to Alfresco 2.1 I would GREATLY appreciate it.

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