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Question asked by ra74 on Feb 20, 2009
I suspect there is a bug in my application as there're milions of rows in the table alf_node_properties but the application is used by a few people for a few months only. I'm afraid about the future  :o

Please tell me if the results I've got seemed to look ok

There is a custom node type with a few custom aspects with defined about 30 properties in total. I use web service client to manage nodes
and set only 5 properties in my proof of concept example

Numer of inserts into tables: alf_node/alf_node_properties

51/181 - create a new node
0/0    - update node properties
51/161 - update content property
51/161 - call AuthoringService.createVersion method

What is the relation between aspect cm:versionable and AuthoringService.method createVersion ? It seems that calling this method is unnecessary