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Edit content of an aspect

Question asked by cm.alfresco on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2008 by krisapong
Hi All,

I have a question. We use Alfresco in combination with Ascent Capture and use the Alfresco release script, which works fine. We scan invoices and release them to Alfresco. The image is released as a content item and the invoice meta-data is released to an aspect called invoice. This works fine, the meta-data is attached to the released image. In Alfresco, user receive invoices in their respective spaces and use the simple workflow to either approve or reject an invoice. If a user rejects an invoice, I want them to be able to change a field of the associated aspect. The aspect field is called Notes and users should be able to type te reason why an invoice is rejected.  I cannot find a way for a user to change the Note field from my Aspect or some other way to attach a note to the content….

Any help is appreciated!