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Question asked by vladimir.kovalyuk on Nov 16, 2007
1. Selecting material or space in Alfresco is somewhat wierd. For instance have a look at Record Management - try to change SupersededBy property. Or try to add a material to process. How can the user cope with that?

2. Absense of links among content (out of the box). I had a look at Nuxeo, it supports several sorts of links - BasedOn, Superseds, SupersededBy and so on. I believe mature CMS should be able to mantain such sort of links like link to last version and link to particular version, especially determined by tag. Those capabilities could enable some great functionality, for instance assemblies of documents and document publishing.

3. Ability to add aspects to space in UI is great. But why not to allow user to start workflow on a space?

4. UI design is messy. Try to add tabs on browse screen.

5. Absence of notion Lifecycle. It's configurable linear collection of states. Each state defines collection of actions and rules how actions are available for the user.
From such point of view Alfresco allows to define just single state.

6. Absense of subscription for global events like document actions, workflow actions and so on.

7. Absense of global settnigs.

8. Absense of rules. Should work in conjunctions with global and local events.

If you're interested in details and clarification I'll provide them.

And there are so much inconsistency in security, like the case when the user must have coordinator rights to complete simple workflow.