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create, edit, delete web scripts

Question asked by tsgpartner_mui on Nov 19, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2007 by dooley
I'm trying to develop some web scripts that would be able to create objects from a user's parameters (e.g. from a html form - users can enter in fields for title, description, etc) into the alfresco repository.

Once that is complete, I have to develop a web script that would be able to edit that object (e.g. change the title, description, etc.) and then, of course, a script to delete that object.

So far I created the desc doc xml and ftl html form for the 'create' webscript, but not sure how to code the javascript?? Also, I'm using the post method.  once i figure this out, the edit and delete shouldnt be too difficult to develop.

Can anyone provide some guidance in how I would do this or refer me to any similar examples of create, edit, delete??