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some CMIS apis using http methods not supported in flex

Question asked by stevereiner on Feb 22, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2009 by stevereiner
In working on "CMIS Spaces" based on FlexSpaces code, with Flex/ActionScript, and Alfresco 3 CMIS draft implementation, atom/rest apis

some other CMIS things:
1. only 16x16 icons, no 32 or 64.
2. getChildren not sorted
3. for learning would be good to provide sample xml files coming back from alfresco vs. the ones in the spec download on the alfresco wiki
4. for learning need a better version of part 1 of the spec without all the redlines  on the alfresco wiki (sap had a better formatted one  in a link on this page
5. spec section 2 atom rest api, should have  include xml response samples with each api, document the http args not just list them, document the url to call it whis is different than the name (or is there even a standard on the other than use links you get from the service url? ie spec has a getChildren section, has example ?getchildren,   alfresco implementation uses  /children)
6. Noticed some cmis avm things on the alfresco roadmap. Interested in hearing more about this
7. Kind of a pain  having to make additional calls to get permission info
8. Name of the root ("Company Home") not in initial cmis service url  response or in  the root-children response (Having <cmis:object> for it would without  having to make another call).
9. Also found server doesn't return http header content-length in getChildren response
10. cmis needs an optional login ticket arg like regular alfresco. Will still have one initial basic auth prompt on viewing files (+Browser) and initial auth prompt playing videos  (+Browser, +AIR) stored in the repository  with a flex app.