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Can't run AlfrescoCommunity-2.2.0dev-Linux-x86-Install

Question asked by wahyono on Nov 21, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2007 by steve
Dear Alfresco Engineer,

last week i am completely running alfresco community and install by running AlfrescoCommunity-2.2.0dev-Linux-x86-Install, i reinstall my server with fedora core and i would like to install AlfrescoCommunity-2.2.0dev-Linux-x86-Install, but alway get error, i've download alfresco community version 2.1 tomcat bundle but it's can;t work, is there a problem with AlfrescoCommunity-2.2.0dev-Linux-x86-Install server ?

or where can i download alfresco community ver. 2.2 dev ?

thank's a lot