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Email to alfresco

Question asked by fustbariclation on Feb 23, 2009
I'm having a bit of a struggle getting e-mail into alfresco. The latest version includes e-mail administrators as a group and I've put people in there and made sure that they're enabled as e-mail aliases.

I think I'm getting something wrong, though. It seems that whatever address I give it, it gives me:

554 The email address 'unknown' does not reference a valid accessible node.

For 'unknown', substitute a whole host of addresses.

I'm puzzled because the documentation says that it looks at the incoming 'from' address for information, not the 'to' address. I thought that, from the documentation, if the 'to' address was wrong it would route it to the 'unknown' or 'anonymous' user - which is fine with me.

Unfortunately the java SMTP server that is doing all this has VRFY disabled, so it's not possible to see what addresses it thinks are valid easily!

Any suggestions?