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'Coordinator'/assigning user permissions?

Question asked by on Nov 21, 2007
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I want to be able to make a space, as administrator, disable the space's inheritance of permissions from its parent, give Coordinator or other high-level permissions to a non-privileged user, and then log out and in as the non-privileged user and be able to grant permissions to the space and/or its contents to another user.

So far, the "invite" button appears to the right when I go to "Manage Space Users" as the administrator, but not as the user with a Coordinator role, even if I take ownership of the object.

Am I going about this the right way?

If it is the intended functionality for me to be able to invite users as the administrator but not as a non-administrative Coordinator after taking ownership, is there another way that I should be doing this? If I am supposed to be able to use the "invite" function, should I file a bug (is there a known workaround)?

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