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Project Spaces and Project Dashboards for 2.9

Question asked by mabayona on Nov 22, 2007
I thing this is a great addition to Alfresco. Project Management is a widely used function in almost any company or organisation. It is all about organisation, communication, cooperation and collaboration sharing content with a common goal i.e. the project.

I have being using several collaboration platform and, since using Alfresco I´m more and more convinced it is the perfect platform to buillds such environment.

A possible model is the one of sourceforge/G-forge where projects can be created (i.e. public or private), users added to projects (with custom and/or predefined roles in the project) and modules defined: files, tasks, wiki, blogs, calendar, …. for the definition of the project environment.

I hope the announced implantation of Project Spaces and Project Dashboards for 2.9 goes in this direction. Looking forwad to test it…