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search xml using lucene ,is that possible?

Question asked by mmrs on Feb 24, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2009 by camillo
Hi all
I got some xml files placed on some where like "Company Home > MyProject> Projects > Proposed > Submitted Project".
The "Submitted Project" folder contains xml files that represent data  and forms of that project
and i want to search these xml files but i need the result as pairs of(tag : value) ;
some thing like "whrere projectId=2 and  pipeWidth=8" so is that possible?? and if yes how?
the structure of xml look like this:
<project id="">
   <properity1 />
   <properity2 />

i did that using org.xml.sax package ,but i have to do that using lucene to increase performance and reduce the execution time of the search
i search the but didn't find what i want
any one have some example ,link  or any guide
help is highly appreciated

thanx in advance