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error in creatinf new web content

Question asked by anil on Nov 22, 2007
hi all

First of all I would like to thank u for reading this post.
I am new to alfresco wcm.
I am at Company Home > Web Projects > alfrescosample then  While creating the new web content  in my samdbox(admin login) i am facing a problem that when i follow the instructions from  Alfresco 2.1 WCM Product Evaluation Guide I receive the exception below when I try to create content from Company Profile Form.
I fill the alfresco in name column as mentioned in the Guide then When I click on Next button I receive the message "Please correct the errors below then click Finish." but there is no error below
If I click on the Finish button message is "A Space or File with that name already exists: alfresco.xml"

Anyway if i change name i receive another time the  error.

Could somebody help me please?

Please Help