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Integration with Outlook : Alternative to OpsMailManager ?

Question asked by showky on Feb 24, 2009
I've been searching for a few days for a plugin that can integrate MS Outlook and Alfresco quite well. I want to managed my emails with Outlook, but I want the possibility to upload emails via Outlook in Alfresco's repository (for example a space named "my mails" in "My Alfresco").
I found two or three solutions that fits :

and :

The first one isn't working at all, but it absolutely meets my needs : integration in MS Outlook. Add 3 buttons in the Outlook's interface, you select the mails that you want to put on Alfresco's repository, click, done. Would be perfect if it worked. But the project doesn't seem to be moving since version 1.4 of Alfresco :(

The second one seems very nice too, if you take a look at the video :
would be perfect too, but it's no "free" ! Moreover when I'm registering on the website in order to download the trial, it sends me "oops ! an error occured…" but whatever…

So I'm wondering, as I haven't found something that can ABSOLUTELY be integrated with Outlook (2003 or 2007, nevermind), if someone knows one good project / add-in that is free and that is working !

I think I'm not the only person that's looking for something like that :)

Thanks a lot ! And have a good day :)