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Profiling/Benchmarking Alfresco Labs 3

Question asked by steffenk on Feb 24, 2009
Hi everyone,

i'm using Alfresco Labs 3c, JDK 1.5, tomcat 5.5 and eclipse 3.2 for development. Since i'm experiencing some performance problems with virtualization, i would like to do some performance measuring. Especially the timings, memory consumption seems quite ok.
I was able to profile the virtualization server using JRAT. But after some further investigations the problem seems to be something around the repository, i.e. my mapped V-drive. However, i am not able to run JRAT within my Alfresco tomcat (some spring config clashes).

My question: is there any possibility to profile or benchmark the alfresco tomcat?? E.g. with TPTP or JMeter?
If so, are there any tutorials on how setting up such an environment?

Any help would be appreciated.

- Steffen