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Alfresco JCR xpath search

Question asked by koivimik on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2009 by jzhang2007
I've quite successfully used the Alfresco JCR-JNDI Bridge found in Jira.

My problem is with QueryManager xpath query performance. It seems that no matter how simple query I make it always takes around 30 seconds to complete which is completely unacceptable.

Here is a sample query //app:company_home/dws:Folder1/dsw:Folder2/element(*, dws:article)

dws:Folder1 and dws:Folder2 are custom model types that extend cm:folder and dws:article is a custom type that extends cm:content

dws:Folder2 has 6 items.

I found this old forum post about bad query performance. Hasn't there been done anything for this in 18 months. Is Alfresco ever going to commit to JCR or is it just marketing bullXXXX for managers that don't know better?

BTW Why isn't the JCR-JNDI bridge made part of official Alfresco release? There is no use for JCR API you can't get to from other apps running in same jvm but different webapp.