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Alfresco 2.9 Labs Available for Download

Question asked by kvc Employee on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2007 by yann.hamon

We are pleased to announce the availability of Alfresco Community 2.9 Labs. 

This Community Labs release is the first of a set of releases that will showcase upcoming Alfresco 3.0 product enhancements.  This Labs release also includes critical bugs fixes rolled up from our 2.1 Enterprise release offering, including important performance improvements and lock permissions fixes on our 2.1 Community WCM package. 

Our Community 2.9 Labs release provides access to the following new capabilities for test and evaluation:

*  Facebook integration AMP
*  ECM Form integration
*  ECM Multi-Tenancy
*  IM / Presence integration
*  Email-addressable spaces, documents, and forum topics

A second Community 2.9 Labs release will follow in a couple of weeks.  This updated release will include a number of team collaboration enhancements along with iGoogle integration components.  Stay tuned!

Happy testing.

Alfresco Engineering