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Evaluating Alfresco.. Basic Workflow setup?

Question asked by sabsurendran on Feb 24, 2009
We are currently evaluating the Alfresco product for a project.
I am trying to set up a very simple workflow, where a person from user group Submitter submits documents to user group Approver which reviews and approves/rejects them and moves them to the next level of users(maybe sending out an email in the process). All groups have access only to their individual spaces.

1) I want to know if its possible to achieve this without defining custom jBPM processes.

2) I  havent seen many examples that dont use jBPM, there's a page I found on the Web..
which suggests creating new roles and permissions in the permissionDefinitions file.
<permissionGroup name="CreateNodes" expose="true"  allowFullControl="false"/>
  <permission name="_CreateChildren" expose="false">
    <grantedToGroup permissionGroup="CreateChildren"/>
    <grantedToGroup permissionGroup="CreateNodes"/> <!– New –>

<permissionSet type="cm:cmobject" expose="selected">
    <permissionGroup name="Writer" allowFullControl="false" expose="true">
      <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="CreateNodes"/>

<permissionSet type="cm:content" expose="selected">
    <permissionGroup name="Writer" extends="true" expose="true"/>
This didnt work for me, I was able to push the docs through from the Submitter folder to the Approver folder using this approach, but once the content is in the Approver folder, the Inbound rule that I have created here does not appear in the list of actions for this content.
Does anyone know if this works for Alfresco 3.0? I would appreciate links to any online resources that have worked for you.