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Alfresco integration in Liferay

Question asked by jhoueix on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2008 by ugocei
Hello everybody!

I have the following problem:

I have installed the liferay portal on a server, and I want to integrate Alfresco functionnalities as a portlet in this portal. The problem is that Alfresco is running on a remote server.

So I can't use Alfresco portlets as shown in the following article: … Liferay4.3

I have tried to integrate existing webscript portlets  (for example MyWebSpaces): I made a portlet which call the URL of the webscript, and then juste display the content of the response. But the problem is that the content of the response (which is finally the content of my portlet) make calls in a local way (ex: call to javascript scripts, css files, etc.). It can't works in my situation because my Alfresco is running on a remote server.

I'm a little worried. Does anybody have a solution to integrate Alfresco in a portal in any way?  :?

Thank you for you responses and sorry for my english (I'm french…)