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Moving content items

Question asked by lhanna on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2007 by kvc

In reference to the WCM Evaluation Example, I am trying to move one of the press releases that I created to a newly created directory under /ROOT/media/releases/content called special releases. So I moved the press release.xml file, the press release.html file and the press release.txt file to this special releases directory. The problem is every time I edit that file, it get s saved back to /ROOT/media/releases/content because the template is configured to place html pages rendered there. So what happens every time I decide to move an item to a special sub directory, do I have to make a special press release web form and create content based on that form? This process is unnecessary given the content follows the same authoring and presentation rules, I just want to place it in a different directory.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.