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WCM Content Storage

Question asked by sanjay_kale on Feb 25, 2009
I am trying to play around expiring contents.I am not able to do this.I have downloaded alfresco enterprise 3.0 lab & corresponding  WCM 3.0 lab. I have done all configurations n able to start server(Tomcat 6.0) .I have couple of queries.
1)Able to see web project but not able to apply Expiration date for web project content & also in advanced workflow content.
2)Is "expiraiton date" is nothing but "due date" in advanced flow.If i am wrong please correct me.
3)Alresco stores content in workspace://SpacesStore.How it strores in avm://sitestore It requires any configurations. I did not understand this.
4)Is there anyway to store data from alfresco to avm ?
5)Where shall i found source code for WCM 3.0 lab ?

Any help/pointers will be appreciable.

Thanks in advance.