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Alfresco Share vs Alfresco Community, lost, plz help

Question asked by bcurry007 on Feb 25, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2009 by bcurry007
Ok, I am a power user tasked with researching opensource collaboration packages for selection and use at our company.

I am currently using the hosted trial of Alfresco Share which I love but I wanted to test out some of the features from the admin side to make sure it was right for us.

My CTO downloaded the opensource product (Labs?) and installed it but the end result looks like a completely different product from AlfrescoShare.

So I see the possibility of 3 reasons why:
1) My CTO downloaded the wrong open source product and I need to point him to the actual download URL that I need for AlfrescoShare
2) Instead of Alfresco Share being open source there is an open source product available that is quite different.
3) The product we downloaded and installed is actually the right product it just requires massive configuration to get it to look and act like the Alfresco Share demo site.

I love the Alfresco Share product but I was under the impression it was opensource and available for free. So can anyone help me with this?

I just need a clarification on what my options are and how to move forward.

Thanks in advance