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Changing the date caused Alfresco NOT to start up

Question asked by jl on Nov 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2008 by jl
Dear All & Alfresco engineer,

I have encounter some flaws in Alfresco
I am testing it the Alfresco 2.1
Serious enough that I hope some engineers will give us some way to overcome this.

Alfresco will not start up.

Audit needs to be turned on.
i.e. audit configuration

Fast forward the computer date
e.g. to year 2009 OR to next month OR to next day… etc
Start up Alfresco server
(You may or may not do something in between)
Shutdown Alfresco server

Return the date back to today's date.
Try start up Alfresco server

Alfresco server will have some problem with reading table alf_audit_date…
therefore can not start up the system.
Please note Alfreso 2.1 will start only if the date & time is passed and/or reached.

Auditing is an absolute necessity for most organization!
[1] If day light saving is used, this may cause error or have some impact.
[2] If by some mistake the time is set forward too much.
    This mistake will have greatly impact anything on the server
    and for the whole alfresco repository system.

    The repository and company folders are then inaccessible (for those who have no idea what is going on) and the database is ruined till those time are reached!