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Alfresco v3.0 Enterprise Service Package 1

Question asked by sanjay_kale on Feb 26, 2009

I am facing some issues like
1) Once content is received for approve, in manage task, click view details icon for content, here i am not able to see "modify icon" in properties
2) In manage task, click view details for content, not able to see “Delete icon” or "Remove icon" in the list
3) Not able to see “My Sandbox” & submit all button
4) In web project not able to see the sandbox or if i have created any project here, is it mean i have created sandbox? If this is correct then "Submit All" icon is not seen.If I am wrong please correct me.

For all this i have at my end :
Alfresco 3.0 labs,WCM 3.0 Labs

Is it specific to any release or i need to add any Service package.

From where can i get Service package 1,2 etc. Any help for this is appreciable.

Thanks in advance.