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SOA and Alfresco

Question asked by armandanesh on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2007 by davidc
Dear All

I am a new user of Alfresco and have two questions about Alfresco Advanced Workflow and hope that get an appropriate response.

Actually, I  am looking for a BPMS and read "Alfresco Advanced Workflow WIKI" and other documents in this regard. As I understood, Alfresco uses   jBPM in itself only to promote its Content Management capabilities. Therefore,  if I only want to have a BPMS, I should leave out alfresco and switch to jBPM. However,  alfresco provides some facilities that simplifies developing of workflow-based applications specially if they are content-based. In this case, I should design the workflows of application with jPDL and  in order to implement the workflows, I consider Alfresco as a big library and use its API to utilize its content management facilities. Then, I deploy the workflows in Alfresco and workflows are executed.
My first question is whether this viewpoint is correct or wrong.

My second question is whether alfresco supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It is possible to develop SOA applications with jBPM because it supports BPEL. So it seems that Alfresco will also support BPEL. But I could not find any document in this regard. It is important for me that workflows are implemented as web services. These web services can also use the source code of Alfresco.

Thanks for your help, :D