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Re-Associate web forms with xml files

Question asked by camozzi on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2007 by camozzi
Hi all,

I'm attempting to copy the contents of one my web projects to a new project. I've ensured all the web forms / templates setup for this new project are the same as the old. This new project allows me to create file and edit them via the templates just fine, however, none of the old files loaded will associate to a template (meaning when I attempt to edit and XML file, I just get the option to download it). I've taken a look at the files, and from a logical standpoint there doesn't seem to be a reason why they aren't associated with the proper template, as the xml tags are setup properly for the necessary form.

So, is there a way to re-associate these files to their respective forms? Or, if not that, at least a way to manually point the file to to its form?