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LDap Sync Cron

Question asked by smeneses on Nov 28, 2007
We are testing Alfresco Enterprise Ed. 2.1 and we have configured the files ldap-authentication-context.xml and ldap-authentication-context.xml according to the URL:

Now I can authenticate against the ldap server (An OpenLDAP implementation that comes with the product Zimbra) and I can see the groups created, but I have two problems.

1) I cannot see the group members.
So what am I missing in the configuration files in order to view the members?

2) If I create a new group on the LDAP server, this is not imported on Alfresco repository, even though the ldapGroupTrigger's cron expresion is scheduled to run every 2 minutes
<property name="cronExpression">
<value>0 2 * * * ?</value>

How can I know that the Trigger is being executed (either with success or failure). Are there any logs I can check?

Thanks for your response.