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Overwrite current version

Question asked by showky on Feb 27, 2009
Hi everybody !
I was wondering, is it possible, when the versioning is enable on a file, to choose to overwrite the current version ?
Explanations :)

- i create a file, let's say samplefile.txt;
- i edit the file and type "hello world" in it;
- i enable the versioning on this file, so the version would be 1.0;
- i edit this file, and add "!", so the new text is "hello world!".

As it is a very minor change, I don't want the file to be a 1.1 version. I still want it to be the version 1.0. It seems that policies are available for versioning, but the wiki isn't written yet :(
But in this case precisely, I'd like to add a radio button "overwrite current file" beneath the two already existing (minor change and major change).

I think that there is a file to modify (or to create) like custom-versioning.xml or something like that, but I don't know much :)

Any help please ?

Thanks a lot !